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“I’ve been wearing Duette Progressive and have experienced phenomenal vision, especially at near, with good comfort. My patients are enjoying the same positive outcomes as well.” – D. T., OD, FAAO

“Duette is a quantum leap in contact lens technology that delivers crisp, stable, extremely comfortable vision. This lens is THE choice for astigmats desiring clarity and consistency from their contact lenses.” – M. S., OD, NC

“I have been fitting Duette lenses for over three years and can say that it has been a significant practice builder. Like the new free-form progressive ophthalmic lenses, the Duette lenses set my practice apart from the others and my patients appreciate my commitment to state-of-the-art technologies in eye care products.  I get more referrals from my Duette patients than any other patients in my practice.”  – B. ., OD

“Just like the world of IT is constantly changing,  we have advancements in the world of contacts! For crisp, HD-like, stable vision (of a gas-permeable lens) and comfort of a soft lens, I highly recommend that my patients try Duette contact lenses. And with SynergEyes’ new policies, there’s no risk! I’ll order them and if for some reason my patient doesn’t like them, SynergEyes credits my account…no lens returns needed.” – A. S., OD, FAAO

“I received my Duette lenses today, and am seeing better and feeling better in these than any other lens I have worn in the past. My prescription is -2.50-0.75 x170 in each eye, so I can now advocate to my patients from personal experience. It gives me something else to consider before automatically going to a soft toric.” – R. R., OD

“I can’t believe how clear my vision is! It seems to be even better than my glasses. And driving at night is so much easier now that I don’t have to deal with halos and glare!” – B. S.

“When I put my new lens in, I said ‘WOW’ out loud.  I don’t remember ever seeing this clear.” – J., Duette Lens Wearer

“I think the best thing about the SynergEyes lenses is the ability for the lenses to work on a large variety of patient types from your average run-of-the-mill myope, to a patient with pellucid marginal degeneration.” _ T. M., OD

“The ClearKone lens has revolutionized the way we fit patients with keratoconus. It represents “a quantum leap” improvement. Patients are ecstatic with the quick fitting process that results in a comfortable fit and excellent vision.” _ R. L. G., O.D.

“Boy, this lens has become our go-to lens in the office. You guys are doing a great job.” _  J. B., KY

Patient Wears UltraHealth FC Lenses 10 Hours a Day

“The patient wears the UltraHealth FC lenses 10 hours a day, and feels the lenses are the only modality to give him satisfaction.  In addition the fit was straightforward, with minimal chair time for a cornea that had significant irregularities.”
K. R., O.D., AZ. 

Dramatically Improved Vision

“The patient reported almost immediate comfort and dramatically improved vision after insertion of the UltraHealth FC lens.”
R. M., O.D., OH. 

Improved Visual Acuity

“The exciting thing patients tell me about UltraHealth lenses is they instantly notice the improved visual acuity.”
B. B., O.D.,

Watch a short video on when Dr. Brightman reaches for UltraHealth, a scleral or a GP lens >>

Comfortable Wear 14-16 hours

“I’m fitting mostly UltraHealth because patients are better off in a hybrid.  They can wear their UltraHealth lenses comfortably for 14-16 hours and have normal vision again.  With UltraHealth I am definitely excited about this new lens for people who have corneal transplants and grafts, because of the high oxygen transmission.”
D. R., O.D.

Improvement in comfort, both under normal circumstances and in dusty environments.

“Perhaps the most striking change that my patients have noticed when I have switched them from hard lenses to UltraHealth hybrid lenses is the improvement in comfort, both under normal circumstances and in dusty environments. With standard GP lenses, as soon as debris is introduced in the environment, the lenses need to be removed and reinserted due to immediate and severe discomfort.”
J. S., O.D., FAAO

Why did I put this off for so long?

BW is a 25 year old man who was newly diagnosed with keratoconus by an astute optometrist. He was referred to me for fitting of contact lenses. We discussed his options and given the comfort and stability offered by UltraHealth, he chose this route. A successful fit was achieved after one trial lens was inserted in the right eye and two in the left. He returned two weeks later for dispense and enjoyed the comfort and vision. His comment at his next follow up visit was “why did I put this off for so long?
J. S., O.D., FAAO

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